It looks like Play Store is the next Google app to get the highly-anticipated dark theme. The new feature has been recently spotted on select smartphones, but we can safely assume that the Google Play Store dark theme will start showing up for everyone in the coming weeks.

Now, as some of you probably know by now, Google announced several months ago the Android 10 comes with a system-wide dark mode that makes the user interface of system apps easier on the eyes. Moreover, Android 10 will also enable the said dark theme on any third-party apps that allow it.

Since Android 10 has already been released for Pixel phones, theoretically, Google Play Store should benefit from a dark theme. According to XDA Developers, the dark theme that spotted in the Google Play Store has nothing to do with the system-wide dark mode that can be extended to other apps that opt-in.

It’s a completely different dark theme that shows a very dark gray on select Pixel phones. XDA claims they received the Google Play Store dark theme on a Pixel 2 XL running Android 10, so we’re guessing that Google’s Pixel-branded phones will be the first to get the new feature. We’ll report back once we learn Google has expanded the rollout of Play Store dark theme to more phones.

Source : phonearena

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