Just like the Galaxy Note 9, Samsung is trying to advertise the Note 10 as the perfect gaming smartphone. But it’s not just through words that Samsung is doing that, but through features that are supposed to be pre-installed on the phone.

PlayGalaxy Link is the name of the app that Samsung promise to turn the Galaxy Note 10 into a game streaming device. The app was presented at Samsung’s Unpacked event, but apparently won’t be available when the Note 10 is supposed to hit the stores.

With GamePlay Live, Note 10 users will be able to stream PC games to their phones. Unfortunately, the service will be available as a downloadable app for Android and Windows 10 in the first half of September, TechCrunch reports.

On the bright side, the service is free so you won’t have to pay any subscription fee for streaming games on your phone. It’s just that you’ll have to wait until September to be able to get the gaming streaming feature on your brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

Source : phonearena

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